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Message from the President

The Spirits Group supports businesses with enterprising spirits

Today, Japan is locked in fierce international competition as it faces globalization, the rise of Asian economies, and the declining birth rate combined with the aging population. In this tough environment, the Spirits Group has never ceased to move forward, assisting businesses with enterprising spirits in developing their organizations. Since our inception, we have focused on consumer fields (i.e., retailing, distribution, and service sectors), and had many achievements in supporting businesses in the following stages:
The company is attempting to expand its operations into international markets (especially in China and other Asian countries) to provide its excellent products and services.
The company is attempting to move on to the next stage after forming a powerful management team led by a remarkable business manager.
Having earned a reputation for excellence among its customers and society in general, the company is planning to make an initial public offering for its further growth.
With the solid foundation built through its main business, the company is attempting to advance into a new business field.
On the occasion of M&A or corporate revitalization, the company hopes to hire experienced human resources with desired skills to accelerate its growth.
The company is a foreign-affiliated enterprise trying to achieve mid- and long-term growth in the Japanese market.
Over the past 14 years, the Spirits Group has developed platforms for talented management personnel and business people mostly in their late 20s, 30s, and 40s, helping a number of enterprises develop their short- and mid-term organizations. Our mission is to unearth environments (i.e., companies and careers) that allow human resources with enterprising spirits to achieve their potential through their skills and experience. We firmly believe that companies and business people up for proper challenges build global-oriented society and nations. The Spirits Group will also keep rising to challenges across the world!


Kaoru Takeuchi, Representative Director

Kaoru Takeuchi was born in 1955 in Fukuoka. He graduated from Ritsumeikan University in 1978. Having worked on setting up an R&D venture, he joined Recruit Human Resource Center (now Recruit Agent) in 1982 and served as a recruiter, executive searcher, general manager of the education and training division, and general manager of the human resources division. With the slogan "Support serious business operators and business people rising to proper challenges," Kaoru Takeuchi founded Spirits Co., Ltd. in 1999. Just as he declared, the company provides career development consulting services for business people, and assists growing Japanese corporations in human resources management. In 2011, Spirits opened a local subsidiary in Shanghai, which provides new services to offer full support for Japanese enterprises expanding their operations into China and other Asian countries.