To assist our member companies' business to grow, we recruit and support human resources you need by tapping consistently into our global network in accordance with your organizational strategies. As your outside human resources department, we develop a support system tailored to your needs.

Besides our regular support for recruitment, we create contact points with recruitment targets unavailable on the career-change market to form a pool of candidates and assist the selection process to ensure successful recruitment, providing mid- and long-term follow-ups.

Recruiting Globally Competent Human Resources

Recruiting Next-Generation Leaders

Recruiting Prospective Woman Leaders

of business
Major manufacturing and retailing Major foreign-affiliated restaurant chain Leading convenience store chain
Challenge Developing a system that enables the company to stably and continuously hire around 20 human resources in their late 30s to late 40s per year who are capable of taking the lead in procurement and manufacturing across the globe as the business expands into overseas markets. Creating contact points with targets unavailable in regular recruitment processes, encouraging them to upgrade their careers, and recruiting them to continuously hire annually around ten people in their late 20s to early 30s capable of becoming next-generation leaders. Hiring continuously women in their late 20s to early 30s capable of becoming candidates for executive positions as the company promotes corporate diversity.
Efforts Hosting top management seminars and publishing interviews with experienced global business players on the dedicated website to pique new career seekers' interest
We contact people who understand the company's vision and management philosophy through outbound search and SNS. In addition to publishing interviews updated monthly on the dedicated website, we host top management seminars and individual seminars to promote understanding of the company's business, and continue to carry out other plans that pique new career seekers' interest.
Hosting top management seminars and individual seminars attended by corporate officers to promote understanding of the company

We invite people unavailable on the career-change market through SNS to top management seminars. The seminars are followed up by individual seminars to motivate the participants to apply for positions at the company. Target human resources are individually followed up.
Launching a dedicated website to provide information; continuously hosting seminars for women

The website provides information about systems and lines of work that support working women, and publishes interviews with woman employees playing key roles in the office. At the seminars, round-table discussions are held with women employees with longer careers at the company. They communicated the appeal of their workplace to motivate the participants to apply for positions at the company.

Case Example: Company A

We began to offer our assistance when the company's sales was 16 billion yen. The company has grown into a business that aims to achieve the sales of 5 trillion yen. We assist them in recruiting human resources for executive positions including corporate officers and general managers, and candidates for next-generation executive
We design the flow from the pre-selection phase to job offers that suits your needs to provide consistent support throughout the process, from forming a pool of recruitment targets to conducting interviews.サービス概要