We offer a wide range of global employment support services for enterprises that have overseas operations, or that are considering expanding their business into overseas markets.


We offer solutions for a variety of issues you have pertaining to hiring globally competent human resources.

We hope to hire talented human resources hardly available in Japan.
We need to hire new graduates overseas regularly, just as we do in Japan.
We need to employ globally competent human resources as future executive candidates to accelerate the globalization of our business.
We are considering promoting diversity in our organization.
We should hire bilingual or multilingual human resources capable of adapting to the global society.
We hope to expand our local connections and networks.

Mid-career recruitment service: Summary

Hosting employment seminars
  We plan employment seminars in accordance with your requirements definition to recruit human resources who suit your needs.
Headhunting through our networks across Japan and the world
  We tap into our own local networks to approach human resources difficult to recruit in Japan
Partnership with local agents and headhunters
  Through our local partners well-versed in Japanese companies' headhunting, we directly approach middle to top management.

Summary of new graduate recruitment service

Forming a recruitment population
Proposing a recruitment strategy in accordance with your requirements definition
Creating a job offer form (the text is translated and edited to suit local needs)
Accepting job applications through on-campus BBS, career counseling offices, and professors at top universities in each country
Planning and holding recruitment seminars in each region
Assisting the selection process
Translating documents including résumés
Reviewing application documents
Acting as surrogate interviewers; setting up phone interviews
Coordination with candidates
Follow-up after job offers
Scheduling travel
Offering advice on the application for permission to stay, alien registration after the employee arrives in Japan, and other necessary procedures

We assist you to find solutions for issues regarding your personnel affairs and organization, including recruitment.

Recruitment outsourcing service
Assistance in hiring new graduates and mid-career professionals
Planning internship
Interviewer training
Labor management service
Personnel system and design consulting services

Global Network

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Our Partners

■Xinhua Business Communication Co., Ltd.

As the sole agent for economic information provided in Japanese by the Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Business Communication runs a news website that delivers information about China's economy. With high-quality information it delivers daily, the company has attracted users on the frontline of business in China as organized members, and enjoys considerable popularity. It also delivers Xinhua economic news published in the Asahi Shimbun, and provides news to companies in the Nikkei Group, Dow Jones Japan, and other business database services, as well as to Overseas News on Yahoo! Japan.

■Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Japan

Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Japan consists of Chinese undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in academic institutions in Japan, alumni of these institutions, and researchers visiting from China (over 100,000 members). The organization acts as the overall coordinator for Chinese students' associations across Japan under the control of the educational section of the Chinese embassy. Since its inception in 1992, the association has served as a bridge between Japan and China through its active roles in goodwill exchange projects between the two countries, such as networking parties, symposiums, lectures, and other various events.