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We have an extensive human resource database, human networks, and our unique headhunting system to recruit human resources suited to your company's organizational strategies.

We support employment of key human resources, from young core personnel to managerial workers and executive-level employees
We headhunt business operators, executives, and managerial workers

A male in his 30s left his position at a foreign-affiliated consumer product manufacturer in Singapore to join a Japanese food manufacturer as an executive at the company's local office in Asia.

A female in her 20s with experience in business planning at a major manufacturer joined an overseas operation planning department at a Japanese business company with offices across the world.

A male in his 30s left the position of business development manager in Asia at a venture to join a major furniture manufacturer as a next-generation candidate for an executive position.

A female in her 40s made a career change from being a marketing manager at several foreign-affiliated companies to a marketing strategy manager at a Japanese business company.

A male in his 30s left the position of a head of the business division at a foreign-affiliated restaurant chain to join a Japanese restaurant chain as a candidate for an executive position at an overseas office.